Each of us have a skill or two that we already know is handy. Here’s how to make money out of it…

Your skills for dressing up

Do you love dressing up? Can you apply makeup like a professional artist? Are you able to do the same for someone else as well? If you answered yes to all three questions, then you might have a chance at making your skills with the makeup brush into a part time job. If you make the effort, and take up makeup artist courses Sydney, you might even be able to convert it into a profession. While you wouldn’t find it hard to get work without the qualifications (with your skills aloe), it goes without saying that you can earn more with the proper qualifications

Your skills for recording every moment of your life

No interest in being a certified wedding makeup artist? How about a vlogger? If you are a person who is generally uploading the small details of your life into social media platforms and “Stories” (what you had for breakfast, where you went for the weekend, outfit of the day), or someone who is comfortable being in front of a camera sharing details or instructions, then you can start making your pocket money through video sharing platforms. In most cases, after you’ve collect a certain amount of subscribers, you’ll be able to make a substantial amount of money. You could also advertise products or do reviews. Don’t forget that there are certain platforms that requires users to pay to watch…

Your skills for gaining more “likes”

Do you spend all day using social media? Do you juggle multiple accounts with large amounts of likes or followers? Do you know the best ways to get attention in social media? If so, try your hand out at social media managing. Most companies and businesses now-a-days rely, party at least, for advertisements and drawing in clients. They also use it to keep their existing clients interested and updated. Remember that you will have to make your skills known for clients to approach you. Until then, consider putting your skills up for “hire” in platforms designed for it…

Your skills of explaining things better than your teachers

When the exams arrive, do you find yourself suddenly popular among your classmates? Do your short notes get passed around like a pop star’s picture? Do you have a knack at explaining things in a much simpler and teaching in a more fun way of learning? If so, you might make quite a bit charging for what you do for free. Not comfortable teaching your classmates? Consider becoming an online tutor. This is best for college students, as you can arrange your “classes” according to your own conveniences.

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