Are you someone who stays at home and think all the time “what am I going to do with my life?” well that means you’re tire of job hunting. Doing the job interview over and over again, filling applications, waiting in lines, to say the same things over and over to the interview boards, you are basically fed of trying for job. And by now, you may have given up your idea on a job. And you even think of being an entrepreneur, with that thought suddenly your mind telling you that, take the artistic side out of you and start making use of it, because new generation is all about art.

Great job

As a child growing up, you always loved to play with your dolls and try to do the hair of them and give a makeup, and still you are good with it, so the idea coming to your mind that, what if I start my own bridal salon so you could do so much in wedding hair and makeup by Alex Long Hair and Makeup. Actually this is a great chance, because, you don’t have to depend on anyone and do your own thing and also, only you can assign a price for your service depending on how good you are with it. If you can make some good customers at first, then they will spread the news about your talent and others also will come to find your salon. But also, you can use social media and, promote yourself, this is all on your hand, the more you work hard, the successful you get.

Educate yourself

Now you are done with having a proper plan, how the salon is going to be, and how to market yourself and what not, but you have to remember the main thing, you may have an outstanding talent on doing makeup and all, but this is something totally different, maybe someone doesn’t like the way you do their makeup, because it maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, you have to go and get a proper education on bridal makeup from Windsor and all the other necessary talents, and learn different ways, as people who come to find your service may different and their desires are different, so you would have to sharpen your talent in many ways as possible.

The Investors

Now, you’re all set, but in the beginning you’ll need some start up for the salon and for the other stuff, to rent or buy a place. You can use the money you have with you at the moment and find some investors to invest on your work, then you could start your business slowly and improve it day by day, when it actually get successful, you’ll think that, what a loss you made wasting time on job hunting when you had the chance of doing this all along.

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