Keep Away From When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is like a beautiful pain and it is a sweet mixture of bitterness. It is a list of oxymoron upon which irony of life would be smiling at. It may sound funny but girls if asked to cut out one part of their life, would probably vote for puberty which is the reason for pregnancy. It is sad to see that the people think that is what females are born to do. Unfortunately, to all misogynist and anti females, out there, pregnancy is not as easy as you people put it to be. Girls are carrying a baby who is going to be carrying the sperm donors name instead of the person who was taking care of them day and night. But, because of that, they are not being partial. They are really nice and love their baby. This certainly do not comprises all the guys. There are still few guys who just take really good care of their wives that it is hard not to believe Disney prince are still alive.
Here are few things that pregnant females should stay very far away from. The mothers who breastfeed should also stay away from these items. The first pick of all time is alcohol. Alcohol affects the babies’ brain development and causes a serious downs syndrome like symptoms and appearance. Nicotine drugs (tobacco/ cigarettes) should be left for the greater good! You are destroying people’s life. Not just yours! They should avoid these dental surgeries like removing cavities or doing s root canal or even teeth bleaching.

More than that these people should stay away from cosmetic surgeries. They should mainly avoid breath implants during pregnancy. Females who have a weaker womb should never to straining jobs or carry heavy items. They should make sure that they are adequate to have sex during pregnancy. Avoid food items which will increase body’s temperature. Fruits like pineapple are like natural abortion agents. They increase the body temperature and increase the change of miscarriage. Stay away from coffee or black tea. Please consume lots of milk and bananas. Avoid carbonated drinks and sports drinks when you are pregnant, since there are a lot of stories about the things being prepared in an unhygienic way. Just avoiding food and consuming healthy food is not going to help anyone. Being mentally happy and emotionally strong is what actually matters a lot. The emotional imbalance or psychological imbalance of the parents will have a direct effect on the foetus.