Curly Or Straight? No More Tension.

Different people have different type of locks, some have silky straight, super crazy curly 4C type, normal wavy and Thick with bouncy ends. Whatever your type is maintaining your tresses can be a headache some time. Some days you might want to thank to the good genes passed on to you from your parents while the other days you would go insane handling and styling them when you have no time at all. With time when you keep neglecting to take care of your locks it might start getting damaged and get extremely frizzy. So all you have to do is do a ‘chop- chop’ now. But for a girl her locks are like an ornament she wears. It’s completely alright to go for a cut or to trim down the edges but completely getting rid of it when your big day is approaching can be a bad decision. What if your husband to be loves it so much but you turn up with boy cut wearing your Cinderella dress. Wouldn’t it break his heart for taking a great decision without even asking an opinion from him? This is exactly is going to happen when you neglect to look after it when it keeps getting damaged and choosing to put a bun every time to hide the split ends.

Pay attention

Don’t get carried away with your daily tasks .Taking care of your body and making sure all the necessary nutrients and vitamins are consumed by you to maintain your locks to make them look healthy is essential. If your scalp is getting itchy, or your tresses starts falling more and you find spilt ends more than usual, always pay attention. First get yourself a good shampoo which suits you and a conditioner which is both for wash out and leave in. Even after using it if it doesn’t stop. Now it’s time for you to go to a saloon who have specialized in that field. Most importantly if your big day is approaching, definitely apart from your dress your wedding hair and makeup is going be the hot topic. It is scientifically proven that how you look and how well the little details are taken care of boosts your inner confidence which impacts you in a serious manner. So don’t take it lightly. Wasting some bucks on getting some assistance will do no harm.

Search for inspiration

Yes, that’s right we all need some inspiration to look up to in our life. That is not being ‘copy cats’ that is getting some ideas from people who have done a good job in their work. You find tons of inspirational posts on internet. All you got to do is type what kind of style are you looking for, especially for your type of locks and google well do the rest for you. But the work doesn’t just end there. Many people start looking for techniques done by stylists in YouTube and try it at home and some get better but for the rest they just can’t get it right. So if you are one to fall among the second category you don’t want to risk it by giving it a try looking at a YouTube video on your big day as well. Look for a stylist who offers mobile hair and makeup facility if you don’t want to travel at all. They can provide you with top tips or you can show them one of the inspirational picture you liked on Pinterest or simply an image from google search. They will do it for you exactly the same as you showed.Now you can chillax and stop worrying and concentrate on other things!